Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This is the waterfall in my garden pond on March 17. I was fascinated by the bubbles formed by the falling water. The water comes out of its feed hose and falls 10 - 12 inches and runs about the same distance then falls another 12 inches into the pond. As it drops into the pond these bubbles form and travel across the surface. I must try this sometime when my neighbours have the wash out on the line.. I might get better reflections in the bubbles.

I now have carpet in my room. Its an wonderful gold and green color. Looks good with the yellow walls, grey/green patterned vertical blinds (on the patio door) and all the wood. Wally added under lay to the carpet and I now need to have the verticals shortened or raised by apx. 1.5 inches. So annoying. I tried to call Pacific Blinds who did the draperies... seems they are out of business. At least, the phone rings once and then there is a 'hang up' sound. David is to be here on Friday to finish the cabinetry. I will ask him if he will drill a few holes to put the screws in to raise the curtains :)) that 1.5 inches. I have my desk levelled, plants cleaned and ready for another watering tomorrow. I am slowly getting things cleaned and moved to where they will be sitting.

It is April 1 and I am on line... guess the worm is not going to be a problem. I have up dated anti virus and windows. I would feel safer if I was running linex right now.

Last evening I made a couple of soups from scratch. The califlower and broccoli stems we had today tasted pretty good. This cooking takes time. Time I might rather be spending in my kitchen than on my computer. In my kitchen and reading a good book. I am reading 'Arminius - Ceasar to Charlemange - a history of the German people. Its printed using the original pages and is sometimes difficult to read as it was written in 1850 or so, and they did not reset the typing... some of the pages might be missing. We finally found our atlas under the pictures in the guest room, so now I am a bit more familiar with where all these battles between the Romans and the German tribes are taking place. Really quite interesting considering the might of Rome and how it eroded. There are similarities in the erosion of our economy. The Roman people became used to receiving handouts, the army became used to 'ruling' and so the Republic deteriorated. Simplified in a sentence as there was more to it than that over a long time period. But if you look at how spoiled we are compared to ..... oh say ... India, not to mention the 3rd world countries ... you see the imbalance, and how it just cannot work with such inequity

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Gerry said...


You have a great blog going here. I have marked it on my delicious bookmarks so that I can find it again and spend more time reading.

Thanks for sending me the link.

Gerry (aka Altamons)