Monday, April 27, 2009

The RROC and BDC Spring Meet

While the cars were lined up on the parking lot at the Golf Course, I was trying to get a few photos. This is one of the kneeling lady mascot using my cross screen filter for the flares. I took a few photos on the golf course, but they are just not that notable. We had lunch here after the games and judging.
on our way up to the Kingfisher Inn near Comox we took the scenic route, with our lunch stop at Cowichan Bay. This village is number 2 on my favourites list, after Genoa Bay. There are a few cottage industries with outlets in this town for the products. Any of the cheeses, breads, wines available in the small shops would be a perfect additon to any 100 mile diet. Its always nice to see more of our own products from our island available.
This is one of the fountains in the Kitty Coleman Woodland garden. There were many ponds, fountains, driftwood 'sculptures', rhodos, perennials, ferns, trees and bushes of all kinds. Its a marvelous garden created by Bryan and Bev Zimmerman in the Comox Area. I cannot find their website but do have the email: My photos do not capture the magic of these gardens.
We stayed at the Kingfisher Inn a few km from Comox for our Spring Meet of the car club. This is a lovely setting that is situated along the beach. The place is expanding. The rooms were fine. The food is expensive in the only restaurant. We had the final banquet here in a very noisy room with bad acoustics. The best part was desert, made by Barb and Steve's son, Ian. He also made a fantastic chocolate cake that we shared in the registration room the evening before.
This little pink flower is on what I believe is an indigenous berry producing bush. It was in the Kitty Coleman Woodland garden that we visited on our last 'tea' stop of the day of the Spring Meet of the RROC and BDC. If anyone knows what this plant is, please let me know. I would love to get one for my little woodland area, in my garden.

We had excellent weather for this week end car club meet. It was another successfully arranged week end by Barb and Steve Harris. They always do a marvelous job. Thanks again for a most interesting week end.

Today, at home, I went to Cannor nursery. I am having some soil, sand and pea gravel delivered along with a few plant purchases. I bought the membership for $25.00, get 10% off all items, and have a coupon for the next purchase over $100.00. I get this mostly for the free delivery. So, my dirt and stones should be here in a day or two. I find that I do not have any sand in reserve, but seem to have 2 bags of pea gravel. I will use some of this gravel in a layer for drainage in my little newly made rockery. It will have top soil over that with sand and compost mixed into the top layer. I will let this settle for a few months, then add plants and the final pea gravel top dressing. I put fertilizer spikes around the front purple plum tree. It is too close to the road, and seldom gets water. I am determined to get it producing fruit again. So, this year it is going to get water and fertilizer. It is covered with bloosums, but I do not see many bees.

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