Friday, November 14, 2008

More photos of the windmills in the fog.

At home: I finished resetting the edging rocks of the pond today. When I turned on the pump it would not work. Pat had a look at it and found that the impellers were woobly and worn out. We went to Cannor and acquired a new one. I installed it and have the water running out the waterfall at the desired rate.... I might slow it down just a bit more. I have the pond half filled with water and the pump off. There are no fish in the pond, now and won't be all winter, so the pump can stay off. I also got the piles of sticks and clippings moved into the compost bin. Pat used his leaf blower to pick up more leaves and dumped them on the veggie garden. I am going to start putting down mulch on that garden patch, and just move it aside to plant seeds in the spring. Hope I can get enough mulch to make this work right. There should be pictures when I have it filled, and the Japanese garden area cleaned up.

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