Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Amsterdam, Holland - May 31, 2008

From my notes: To breakfast at 8:00, out walking to find the museums by 9:00. In the line up to get into the Van Gogh museum by 10:00. Nice museum. I like Van Gogh a lot better now. Especially the china aster and gladiolas in the green vase. After the museum we found the canal hop on / hop off bus and took it to where we checked about tomorrow's bus tour; to find out if they pick us up. No, they say to take the #16 tram. We then found a little bar to have a beer and a rest. (had an ice cream earlier on our way to the canal bus (the photo of the clog with geraniums is from a table by the ice cream stand.)). We then took the canal bus back to the stop we had entered on. From there we walk back to our hotel. We only got slightly lost. Back to the hotel by 5:00 for shower and a drink. Dinner out at a cafe.

At home: Yesterday I raked a few leaves and Pat tried out his new leaf blower. Its a bit cumbersome. There is much to do out in the garden, yet. I got a bit caught up on Flickr comments and groups stuff and generally had an easy do nothing much day. The US had their presidential election yesterday with Barack Obama winning by a good margin. This took some of my time too. Our Canadian election was no where near the hype and costs.
Today I moved a bit of the furniture and have started to pack away the dishes and things from the kitchen. Our green carpet that goes up the stairs, in the living room and dining room and down the hallway will be installed on Saturday. Our kitchen stuff is to arrive January 16 with the 19th as the installation date. I can hardly wait ... but I know the time will go by very quickly.

My old MSN page is going to be moved or deleted if I do not ask them to move it. I spent some time today reading about where this might be moved and how to move it. It seems MSN is going to have a photo blog available for free, with certain advantages if you buy the premium "Multiply" for $20.00 a year. I can upload photos, videos and music and have 'members'. I upload all my stuff and then transfer whatever I want of it, to the blog/page . I am going to set up a folder for the 'Multiply" items and start a new Hotmail for this account and its ID. My old hotmail is full of Usefilm and other old stuff. My newer hotmail is full of Flickr stuff. So, I will be pretty much dropping the old one, and have just the 2 newer hotmail accounts. I expect to have my Megashot email as the new one, also. I might even upgrade that hotmail so that it is faster.

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