Sunday, November 09, 2008

Amsterdam, Holland - May 31, 2008

While walking from the Van Gogh museum to the hop on / hop off canal bus we walked past this beautifully kept garden with these bronze sculptures. We did not have time to go around the front of the building and go into it. If anyone knows what this place is please let me know. The sculptures look a bit familiar. I at first thought they might be Rodin's, but cannot find anything on google for them.

At home: I have managed to migrate my old MSN page to Multiply and am slowly learning a bit about how to manage my account there. The photo uploading is just a bit confusing. I have managed to create another group where I hope to put my travel photos, if ever I get time. Probably will never happen, as I seem to have less and less time to follow up on this on line stuff. My flickr account needs a few more uploads to the Victoria Grid from last month, too.

At home: Yesterday the guys came to lay the carpet. It looks good, except for the living room where the factory did not send the right size... we are short a couple of feet. The installers did a really good job of the stairs and the rest of it. We hope the factory can send the right size for the livingroom area, of the same dye lot. We will find out Monday. Very depressing when things cannot go right. We waited more than a month for this stuff. Guess I should not complain. I look around at the layoffs and things happening to less fortunate people and I really do have a good life!

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