Friday, November 21, 2008


Here it is November and I am still looking at the Victoria Grid Project photos from October. I was out shooting on a bright, sunny day. This is my pick of the first 18 I have looked at .. about half of them to use.

On Sunday we were to the Belfry theatre for a tour of the building with the VCCC group. Excellent tour. We then went to lunch at the Fernwood Inn, then back to the theatre to see Brilliant. Wonderful show, very well played.

In the garden I have the pond edging finished and the new pump installed. Looks good, sounds good. Pat has been gathering leaves with his machine and putting them on the vegetable garden for mulch. It looks lovely in its Autumn blanket. I will need to get out and do more pruning everywhere. I transplanted an iris and put it in the pond. There is now only 1 plant along that side. I am tired of the bog beans spreading everywhere. The pond looks so much larger right now.

I walked from the lab on Wednesday, so I am getting a bit of exercise. There is a very nice 'snake plant' in the Flower Shop at the mall. It would look good in my renovated kitchen; if I ever get it finished.

I have made 3 jars of green bean soup to add to my store of 'convenience foods'. We are trying to cut down on sodium intake, so are not buying the preprepared soups any longer, as they are full of salt.


Philip said...

Great photo I love the composition well done!!

paolo said...

i like the whites and th enice dof.