Thursday, November 27, 2008

More from the October Victoria Grid Project

These glass blocks are set into a wall of a building and appear to be a window. The blocks are made of recycled glass. I think they are very decorative. I would think they let extra light into a building also. They are hollow and should be high insulation values. I have often thought that I would like such a feature wall as this on the wall that faces Parmar's house., to let in some light from that side, as well as on the opposite end of the house.

I was playing with the idea of inserting thumbnail photos into these blocks and hot linking them to open large. It would be a fun, but time consuming project. If ever I get the time I will do it for a snall album on my web page:

This is one of the photos that I shot a month ago for the Victoria Grid Project on Flickr. I am not loading any more to the group pool, as it is far too late for October posts.

I was to see Dr. C. yesterday. My blood counts seem to be getting closer to normal. The only really high one was my white cells and that is understandable from this nasty cold I have right now. So, no phobotamy needed this time. I don't need a test again for 6 months. It would be interesting to know just what was causing the alarming high counts. We got a new bed and had the bedroom and ensuite painted. I wonder if the breakdown of the old plastics in the waterbed and the mold on the windows and hard to get at places in the bathroom were the cause. After all of Dr. C's tests we were left with 'allergies' and an 'infection'... none of either conditions I thought I had. Well, its good to have them getting back to normal, although, I really don't feel any different. I am taking extra energy - an over the counter pill. I think it gives me more energy.

I was to Workwear and now have some skookum new gardening boots as well as a new pair of good walking shoes for travel. We won't be doing much travelling until we have this kitchen renovation complete. The re-ordered carpet should be here Dec. 9th and the cabinets on Jan. 16 with installation on the 19.

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I have seen today for the first time your blog thanks to VFXY, now I want to congratulate your beautiful pictures and for your great creativity. Greetings, One