Friday, October 21, 2005

Fall Flowers

I have the spray of Nerines on the dining table. Not a great photo, but different. I must move the Nerines out of the box they are in presently, to somewhere that they get more sun. Other flowers in bloom are the Michaelmas daisies, cyclamens everywhere, fall crocuses, heathers, a bought chrysanthemum, an achillia, river lily or whatever those red things by the step are called, and the roses. The Virginia Creeper is dressed in its best right now, as are the sumacs. There are berries on the fire thorn bush and on the holly. They really look good from the kitchen window. The pin oak that I had cut down is growing new sprouts. I shall have to train one by tying it away from the garage. I really like its color in the fall and want to keep it. I wonder if I should let all the sprouts grow. Maybe try and get one to sprout its own roots and plant it out in the park. Hmmmmm.. we could really be Royal Oak area, then. The area next to the chip trail where they levelled the last house just begs for some good Fall color.

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