Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Balustrade Perspectives in Black and White

After receiving a most marvelous critique on photosig from Scott Ellington
I have played a bit with the original photo upload. I am posting it here for Scott, if he has time, as we cannot upload photo attachments to our comments/critiques on photosig.
Thanks again, Scott, if you get time to view this.


Scott Ellington said...

I think this revision is significantly stronger than the original from three years ago. It more nearly comforms to classical precepts of composition in thirds, while nudging the envelope back and forth across the familiarity of three-dimensional space and two-dimensional, graphic abstraction. The kicker is your use of lens aberration to topple the balusters like motionless dominos, while the long diagonal of the balustrade seems to snake through the picture plane like a creative dragon. Very well managed elements gelled in natural midday light on a 1.3MP CCD! Knockout!

Maggie said...

wow, thanks so much. There is a curve to that line of balustrades, built into the whole path. For that is what it is, its a path with a curve to it. The degree of the arc of the path might be about 10 - 15 degrees. But I have not been out there to see it in a long time. This is only from memory.