Friday, June 29, 2012

Some June flowers

 this is the magenta transcantia (spiderworte) as promised.  These plants are nearly finished blooming and will be deadheaded with hopes that they will bloom again.
 The first lovely purple water iris is in the tub on the deck.  This bloom is a bit pale.  Not sure why, except the ones in the pond get more shade and are quite crowded in their pot.  Nevertheless, it is still a good looking flower.  The white ones in the pond are finished blooming.
 The St. John's worte is just beginning to bloom.  It looks good this year.  A very photogenic flower.
I have quite a few white foxgloves this year.  I have not seen a peloric one yet.  These lovely flowers self seed all around my garden and are welcome where ever they show up. 

I have finished taking the daisies out of the front garden strip, and have been doing more weeding and deadheading of perennials, roses, and generally clipping things into their allotted space.  I need to finish weeding the stone path and then I should be able to start on the moss garden and the stone paths at the back. 
I was quite distressed to find a dead fish in the pond.  When I bought these fish at Cannor on June 2, they were quite small.  This one seems to be at least twice the size it was, so I think it must have been a healthy fish.  I cannot understand what is killing my fish.  There were 7 of them put into the pond, so I will wait to see how the rest of them fair.  They are definitely not smothered as the pump has been running the waterfall and there is plenty of open area on the surface. 
I got a few things finished on my old web page, and it really does not take as long as I thought it would, or as I have been dreading it would.  So, that went well.

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