Sunday, June 03, 2012


 Tall bearded Iris, Indian Chief
 there will be more varieties of tall bearded iris opening.
 Siberian Iris, Ceasar's Brother... weird name
 Siberian Iris, Perry's Blue
 I planted some new Dutch iris next to the tub in the woodland.  They were mixed colors.  I think there are four of them.  The other two buds look a lot like they might be the same as these two.
 The old Dutch Iris that was in the garden when we bought the place.  They are beside the garage with the Oriental poppies that were also in the garden when we bought the place.  They are a nice combination and bloom at the same time.  Very showy.
This is a yellow iris in the tub in the woodland.  Not an all star.  You can see my weird old neighbor's plastic crappy fence just behind this area of my woodland space.

I did not work in the garden today as I have a very sore shoulder.  Not sure what caused it, but resting it is helping it to go away.  The only thing I can think of that may have caused it was when I was pulling grass out of the  Siberian Iris bed the other day.   I did get out and water the back garden a bit.  The seeds I planted in the vegetable patch are actually coming up.  The radish seeds that I thought were too old have germinated.  So, it takes planting them deep enough and watering them.  The lupines are coming up in their pots on the deck.  I am so pleased with that.  I will have to revive the old cedar trough and put two of them into it so I can keep track of them.  ...  but what am I going to do with 20 of them if they all germinate?  I might have to start planting the wild park (deer pasture) across the street!

I have started my garden journal again.  I was reading over some of my old stuff and found the names of most of my irises.  I feel more grounded with the Journal being kept again.  The last time I had one was in 2005.. the same year I started my web page and did quite a lot of stuff on line.  I think it is time to get back to my own stuff, including the garden, reading, and my web page albums. 

I do wish I had not lost my Adsense account, but I guess there is no getting it back again.  I do not think I would win an appeal.  Dammitt.  My site meter is showing an average of hits in the high 90's per day.  Surprisingly most people are still using Explorer (Windows) as their browser.  Firefox is a close second and Google Chrome a bit behind in third place. 

Yesterday, I got my print called 'Survivor #2 framed and matted.  I took too long on deciding on the frame and matting and made us late for our appointment.  Pat was not impressed to say the least.  He hates being late.  Well, we have gotten over it now.  Sorry, Pat.

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Thanks for the beautiful Irises! :-)