Friday, June 08, 2012

Paintshop Pro and Photoshopping frames

 A few years ago I made this frame using photoshop.  The frame is from strips of my own photos and it frames a photo of my own.  This frame was made specifically for this photo and on it, in photoshop layers.
 A couple of days ago I learned how to take a frame and add it to the frames in Paintshop pro.  The thing about taking these frames is that I would need to make the new frame to the size of the photo that I wanted it to enclose, for each individual photo.  So, this one as you see cuts off the chair at the top and the leaves in the bottom left, from a previous photo on this blog.  It does this because I did not set up the right dimensions for the photo.  I wonder how they make the frames expand to fit any dimensions.  ... more learning.

I have tweaked a few of the China grip photos for the Travel Group private gallery in that unmentionable photo upload site, where photos are encouraged to be stolen, not to mention that other place where 'sharing' is considered a free for all, for taking anyone's photos and calling them your own.  The photo group is a private group on the unmentionable, as is the family group on the rampant sharing site.  ... there my GAWD Ahmighty for the day!

We have had coolish weather and about 1/4 inch of rain.  My garden needs weeding.  There are now 9 lupines germinated and I am planning renovations to accommodate them.  There are little things germinating in the vegetable garden.  Amazing!  I must keep them moist.


Anonymous said...

I've never imported frames into PsP. I'll work on google to see if I can find something.

Maggie said...

I had lots of frames that I imported on my ancient Jasc version of PSP. I did not get the old program loaded to my new computer. ah well. This is the site where I read about making my own frames: click here

I also made a drop shadow frame from another site, but did not feel I had enough control over the shadow. Drop shadows work better for me in Photoshop. I like the idea of making my own. I don't use them much, though.