Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catching up on pigtail comments, dangling participles, and sleep

 This is the cocoon that I mentioned in a previous post.  I think it may belong to the caterpillar photo of a moth, that I posted earlier.  I think the caterpillar was looking for a home and this is it.  It is on my deck where I can watch it.  Interesting how the cedar has weathered on the deck.  I rather like that.  I made this cocoon square and loaded it to Megashot for the Square format contest of the month. Since it was raining and cool today I spent a lot of time on Megashot commenting, etc. 
 This is one of the photos from last Sunday as we scurried around Saanich on our Model T's for the annual Father Day rally.  I have prepared my photos and sent a few to one of the guys who says he will upload them to the Model T forum.  Haven't heard back from him yet.  The Model T forum was down for maintenance though Pat tells me.  So, since I had the photos finished, I decided to load them to my old web page.  There are a few errors, but no one but me goes there, so it does not matter a lot.  I use photoshop to make the albums and can do corrections in NotePad.  This photo, is one that is going to be put into another album called Scene while riding the Model T.  Each of the photos will have to have part of the model T in it.  This one shows a door of our car. The new album on my old web page.
 Another view of the tradescantia (spiderworte).  I still have not taken the photo of the pink one. 
This is the stand of daisies in the front garden.  I spent a few hours taking out most of these daisies.  I am tired of them and want to see the actual plants I planned for this spot.  The bottom layer is thyme... you can see a bit of the thyme that has survived the invasive daisies and is in bloom on the outer edge of the strip.  On the other end of this strip along the front of the garden, I have cleaned out the invasive plants and have pussy toes (silver foliage and pink flowers), a few irises, lychnis with magenta flowers and silver foliage; a red currant bush, a silver leaved hebe with blue flowers.  It is beginning to look good.  I clip down the lemon balm that is at the foot of the plum tree, before it goes into bloom.  So, here is another pigtail comment... There will be photos of the renovation of this 15 x 5 foot strip soon.  It is a work in progress.  I am looking for a place to put the 15 lupines that germinated. 
I have the thyme circle edged and weeded and the bench reset higher and further back in its cedar nook. I covered beneath it with cardboard to smother the violets that are very invasive and are getting into everything.  This should slow them down a bit.  I have weeded out the area along by our driveway and trimmed back heathers, a small spruce, the grass edges.. digging out violets, daisies and grass.  I think I may be able to fit a couple of lupines in this area on one side of the black bamboo, and another couple on the other side of the bamboo, near the thyme circle.  I moved a black leaf mondo grass, and a black leaved coral bells that were languishing under the bamboo, unseen by anyone, including myself.  The yellow/green variegated grass in the area, on the other hand, is seen and is doing well.  The colors match the golden color of the decorative oregano that is forming a nice clump next to the thyme circle.  These herbs are lovely and actually fairly easy care.  Now that these areas are cleaned up I will be adding compost.  The plants do so much better with a bit of attention and water.
I got a good nights sleep after all the exercise and late nights tweaking photos.  This is as good for me as the maintenance and watering is for the plants. 
Dangling participles?  I really don't know what they are, but suspect I use them all the time.  It is just a phrase that amuses me, and conjures up pictures of long armed monkeys or other gangly critters.

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