Saturday, June 30, 2012

a few hours at the beach

 Yesterday, we picked up a deli lunch from Thrifty's (Grain salad is delicious) and took the Dodge Lodge (now known as the reading room) to a little known lovely beach at William Head Lagoon Regional Park.  There was no one else there, when we arrived, but within minutes there were several more picnicers with children and dogs.  But not enough of us to be a crowd.  It was a lovely few hours. 
 This is a mimic of a turtle.  It seems to be a burned driftwood that sits out in the shallow water. 
This nice arrangement of dead trees is also in the shallow water side.  The other side is the Bay where we could see the Coho, a cruise ship and beyond them some high rises of Esquimalt.  There are huge, picturesque driftwood logs, stressed trees, wild flowers and many photo opportunities.   Reminded me of  Ikebana.
This is a photo of the fern frond.. I have a number of 'leaf' photos that I want to add when and if I get the time.

Today was an overcast day, perfect for gardening.  Yesterday, after getting home from the Park, I went out to the garden for about an hour and a half.  It was just too hot and sunny... I felt as though I had sunstroke and I was only out for 1 1/2 hrs.  Today, was much cooler and no sun beating down.  I transplanted 10 of the little lupines of the 15 that have germinated.  Most of them are in the front strip where I cleaned out the daisies.  They are at the back of the garden bed  that is about 10 feet long and 5 wide.  There is thyme and a blue grass in the front.  I also left the achillea (Yarrow) in this bed.  It is suppose to rain tonite.  If it does not, I will be out watering in the new transplants tomorrow.  I added a bog of compost to the area before transplanting.    After the transplants, I had a bit of time to do more weeding along the stone path.  It is coming along and looks good cleaned up. 
The pinks are in bloom at the back, the roses at the front, the heliotrope on the deck, and so it smells very nice in my garden.  All the decorative thyme, orgegano, lavender and any other herbs add to the fragrance.  The South of France comes to mind when I am out in the garden when it smells so good. 


Anonymous said...

Good pics and your garden is returning to you the care you've put into it. I'd like to know what the south of France smells like.

Maggie said...

They grow a lot of lavender and other herbs and flowers that I think, are used in the perfume industry. And so, to me there seems to be a lovely fragrance in the air, even in wintertime.

Thanks for dropping in.