Friday, April 01, 2011


the pixie - miniature cattalaya orchid has two blooms and this phalenopsis, which is one of my $12 orchids has put out another spray with two more blooms that are actually darker than the first ones. The first spray has 7 flowers on it. There is another moth orchid in bloom with the lighter colored blooms.
I have been playing with my new photoshop.   The phalenopsis are shot sitting on the shelf of the light garden.  Pixie I moved and shot against the light yellow walls that look too dark on my monitor.   Pixie is totally out doing herself this time.  Huge blossoms.
It has been raining, so I have not been out to the garden.  This is working out okay as I have time to try to get used to my new computer and all its components.  Its interesting, and yet frustrating at times.  I thought Windows XP was just fine.  My new monitor is a pain.  I don't understand the need for these wide screens.  I suppose I could be multi tasking with several things going on at the same time, but that is beyond my capabilities or my interest. 
My techie took one of the orange trees.  I hope it grows up with his family.  :)   We have been with him since he started and he seems to be doing very well.  New home, new young son, dog, cat and a thriving business.  Computers on Wheels is where to find him.  I see he is featuring the Apple Ipad, which I understand I should wait for the next version... and that I would need to get on the list for this next version 2 of Ipad.  I have my wi fi connection with my new stuff.  Everywhere we went on our trip recently, the campgrounds had wi fi available.  We were quite busy, but I suppose we would have used it, if we had an ipad or other gizmo to use.
I have had to learn how to download from my new camera, as its SD card did not seem to kick up the drive on the computer to download.  Now, this download from camera is realatively painless!  I think I may use it all  the time for the new camera, and if I can find the connecting cords for the S3 IS I will use it there too.  I seem to have lost the downloads that went into the windows downloader... ah well I am sure I will find them again some day. 
Our is looking better all the time.  Version 2 is going to be excellent.  We already have the ability to totally customize your own page.Version 2 will have more designs and options, with user friendly customization.  If you want to network, all the features are available.  There is the critique forum for fun and learning.  Contests and communities.  If you want to market your products, version 2 will have a fully operational Home Store.  If you want to communicate with clients,or family,  there is password protected galleries, and private comments. 
Please come and have a look!

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