Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art in Bloom at the Art Gallery of greater Victoria

An old photo from the Art Gallery and one of Des Kennedy
The Art In Bloom show is underway at the Art Gallery with Gardening experts lectures and more.  For more information visit the Art in Bloom page

An article in the Times Colonist caught my eye:  Quote:
Victoria designer Bruce Wilkin purchased three rolls of unexposed Kodachrome film late last year after Kodak announced that Dec. 31 would be last day it would be processed -- ever.
Together with Luz Gallery, Wilkin then asked 12 photographers to shoot nine frames each, with the resulting images to be sold as a benefit for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.  He said the film was processed in Parsons, Kan., and the Kodachrome slides went to Burbank, Calif., to be printed on the Cibachrome process.   "Three rolls of film resulted in 12 unique prints which will be part of the silent auction, " said Gallery Director, Diana Millar. "This is your chance to own a piece of history, and support Youth Art programs at the Gallery."  Shooters were David Ellingsen, Big Tiny Smalls, Bruce Wilkin, Quinton Gordon, Mike Andrew McLean, Franc d'Ambrosio, Liz Rubican, Karen Iwachow, Gerald Hogrefe, Jim McKenna, Dave Aharonian and Allan Mandell.
The show opens Saturday from noon to 4 p. m. at Luz Gallery, 1844 Oak Bay Ave.  It continues for one week only, as part of the Gallery's Art in Bloom event.
I have my computer and am getting accustomed to the new monitor, printer, and Windows 7.  I am taking it slow and enjoying the time spent at it.  It has been overcast and rainy lately, so I have had no time in the garden.  Pat was out on Monday and did quite a lot of pruning on the apple tree and the plum tree.  Daffodils, hellebore, primulas, anemones are in bloom.  Inside, I have 3 orchids in bloom, including the miniature catalayea with 2 blossoms. 

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