Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Rock and Alpine Garden Club Sprring Show

This is a fine alpine plant shown at the Rock and Alpine Garden Club's Spring Show of a previous year.
This year the show is on April 15th and 16th at the Cadboro Bay United Church, 2625 Arbutus Drive.  There are  door prizes and sale of alpines, as well as a very good display of the show plants that have been  judged.  I have room for a few more little plants.  The ones that are growing in  partial shade (under a deciduous tree) and in gravel over clay seem to be thriving.  All the wrong growing things for alpines.  On my specially made little rockery at the back, I have a terrible time getting the plants to survive and grow.  My primulas are doing well in  the winter wet conditions in  clay at the back too.  Its been threatening rain the last few days and I have had my income tax return to prepare.  So, that is  finished.  Tomorrow I get my new computer.  So, there will  be another few days of a 'learning' hill to climb.  But if the sun is out... I  will be out in  the garden... the computer can wait!
I have my photos from our trip to view and sort.  Then I have been thinking about getting some of my old web page finished.  I need albums done for the Gardening  page.  When I finish these albums, I want to make a sub page that will show the highlights and changes each year in the garden. One of the gardening albums I finished last year is the paths and garden art, and I rather like this one.  The water garden album is also finished in  three  parts. Click on the thumbnail photos to take you to each of the albums and navigate back with the menu at the bottom of the albums.     The Travel page is now 6 years in arrears for its albums. I am especially happy with the Danube River cruise we took in 2005.  A very special one.   I have bits of each year done up, but I need to organize them into the albums and create each one.  The travel notes take a bit of time to do.  My town page is still  totally in  the planning stage.  I make the albums with  Photoshop and rework every page of each album, of course.  There is music on the page so it might load slower and some  people may not be able to get the music either.  There is a control to turn off the music if you do not want it.

Our Megashot, huge portal for photo uploads, and networking; with critique forum, ecommerce, customization of your own  page, communities, contests and much more is  going into version 2 and should soon be made.  Cyrus is working almost 24/7.  I have no idea how he gets all the stuff  done.  Our membership is growing steadily, too.  I need to spend time on the site, also.

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