Wednesday, April 06, 2011

June in the Garden

This is a scabosia or pin cushion flower photo from last year.  In an effort to get some of the Gardening page of my web page finished I selected a bunch of photos for the June album.  This one was particularly attractive for our Megashot on FaceBook page, that has the theme for this week of Pinks and Purples.  I rather like this one in square format.  I also used it in the Megashot Critique forum, since I have been doing a few saucy crits on peoples photos.  They may appreciate being able to return the favor.
I am really getting to like my Windows 7.  I find that I can use my Power Points viewer to create my own presentations, etc!  This is pretty incredible!  There was some poor person asking questions about some download of pps viewer that would not work on his/her Windows 7.... well.... get a techie!  I  was looking at my old pps creation that I did a few years ago and have loaded to my web page, and saw all the task bars and everything available to make a presentation right on the pps I was viewing.  I received another .pps in email and all the stuff is available there too.  You can tell, I am a bit excited about this ability to use Power Points.  Maybe I need to take a class on this.  It is really interesting.

I finished the under construction page for the 2011 trip to SW US and find that it all works the same as my Windows XP -- no problem.  :))

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