Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the front garden

the stone path forms an S curve.  I never noticed this before.  At the moment this path is clear of weeds and is easy to walk upon.  I might add a bit more pea gravel.
this is the cement vase in the front garden, and now next to the driveway, and starting to bloom, aubretia.
the fern leaved peonia, that always gives a fine, but fleeting show.  I mucked about with this photo in HD
this is the little rockery at the front showing the west coast planter, and other small rockery plants.
This is a pleione, in the small rockery in the front garden.  We had frost over night, and since I took this photo the pleione is looking rather sad and drooping.  But, there are more shoots coming up from beneath this plant.  The Plieione is a ground orchid and really a lovely plant in bloom, for  its fleeting momentsl

This hyacith is next to the entry and lends its fragrance to the entrance.
A shot of the thrift on the front garden rockery.  These are excellent plants.
The photos are from Sunday  To day is Wednesday.  We had a bit of frost over night.  The pleione is dropping a bit,
I managed to get the butterfly and hummingbird planter set up today and watered in  I added top dressing to the front and have almost finished the top green path.  I need photos of the butterfly/hummingbird planter.

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