Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Flowers

More photos from April 18.  The wind flower, anemones along the old sidewalk beside the garage
The stone path at the back.  It seemed to be missing a stone, that I have since replaced.  Now I need another fairly big stone for the front rockery.  This shows the windflowers and the old cement sidewalk at the end of this stone path.  The other end of this path goes to the water garden.
The arabis and my best hyacinth that are along the driveway beside the house.

The primulas putting on a good show, in front of the rhodos and the hellebores by the back steps up to the deck. 

I had a quick look at a headline about the uprising in Syria and all the people being killed. Canadians are advised to leave that country, too. The news is full of these horrible happenings in the Muslim countries, and of climate catastrophes.  Its good to live here.  My anal, silly old women neighbors are a joke compared to what I see in the news. 

I am reading another book by Phillipa Gregory.. this one about Katherine of Aragon and the Tudors.  Its very depressing too.  I should really have been out gardening as it was a lovely day. 

This is the strawberries.  I put composed manure around them and covered that with the grass clippings after mowing the grass bits.  Hope I can keep them mulched to retain moisture.

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