Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pots and things in the back garden in September

These are the marguerites in a pink pot in front of the back garage. In the Spring, this pot holds tulips.. 
The fuschias are in a cedar box on the deck and are looking pretty good now.  I hope I can over-winter them.  I have another one beside the garage that is a perennial, that I hope grows into a small bush.
This is a shot of the dry stream that is in the shade garden under the deck.  The moss and ferns are looking very good in this area.  The moss garden needs to weeded, though. 
These are the stepping stones that lead into the back garden area from the patio area.  The sicilian mint is filling in nicely around the cement stepping stones.  It has a wonderful fragrance when stepped on.  You can see the large leaves of the fig tree and the fine seed heads of the fennel at the top opf the photo.  There are other little rockery plants growing beside the stones. 

 The gaillardia is growing in the strawberry jar that sits in the small rockery beside the vegetable garden at the back.  The stepping stones from above lead to this area in the back garden.  This stone path also branches off to the right to the Japanese garden area and the pond.

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Tammy said...

What you are calling gailardia looks like what I call Nasturtium (genus Tropaeolum). Could we have the same plant but use a different name? They blossom in yellow, orange, red, and occasionally I can get almost black-blood red color seeds. They do well in the heat but mostly love the cooler weather. The blossoms are edible. The squirrel loves to dig up the seeds which look like chick peas. I'm going to try Fava beans again but in the fall. My summer was too hot and I learned temps over 80 degrees sterilize the blossoms which was so disappointing. Fava beans are yummy in so many dishes.