Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creatures in the garden in September

This squirrel was stripping the nuts off the curley filbert bush (Harry Lauder's walking stick) in my back garden.  This squirrel had the longest tail I have ever seen!  The best shot I managed to get was when the squirrel was in the plum tree.  All the photos of it gathering nuts are blurry because this was a very busy critter and in motion.   See its extremely long tail.  I did not see it with its tail curled over its back.
When I look at my pond from on the deck, there is a spider web between my view of the pond and the deck.  These are a few photos of the spider web and a rather abstract shot of the pond with the fish and the 'orbs' of light.
The European wall lizards seem to be multiplying in the garden and crossing the road, into the park.  I like to see them in the garden.  There are less slugs and other bugs since the little lizards have moved in.
This little bird hit the patio window and fell on the deck.  It sat there, gasping for about half and hour and then disappeared.  I guess it flew away and is ok now.   I think it is a yellow warbler.

Windows in suburban areas seem to be a hazard to many song birds.  I don't know how to avoid this situation for the birds.  So far, I have seen only one dead robin; the rest of them have flown away after a while.   If anyone knows what I should do about this problem please let me know.


Tammy said...

I don't know how to avoid the bird problem unless you want to put stickers on the windows or wind chimes all over the place. Sad that the robin died. My birds fly into the screen over the pool, especially the inexperienced babies! Your squirrels are so much fatter than my lean Florida squirrel.

Steve Lau said...

I've seen a crow fly into my window before which ended up killing itself, but smaller birds should have a better chance of recovering.