Friday, September 03, 2010

A new season

These blue perennial geraniums are very good garden plants.  The one with the felt-like textured dark green leaves has found its way into a few spots around the garden.  It is not invasive, I moved transplants of it to available spots.  There are some other, tougher perennial geraniums growing in the strip along beside the driveway.  Very good plants for beneath the cedar hedge.  They never need watering and fussing over.
The malva are good perennial plants that I think are in the hollyhock family.  You can see that the leaves get rust like the hollyhocks in my garden do.  They seed themselves around a bit and I don't mind seeing them come up where ever they may be.  Last year I planted a lavatera that has flowers like the malvas. It gets quite big, like a bush and will be covered with the pink flowers.  It needed water this year to get established.  Hopefully I will have pictures of it in bloom, next year.  It is deciduous, so adds nothing to the garden in wintertime.
This is the fleeting flower of the unknown plant with the blue-green thin leaves and seed heads that the finches like.  This is plant seeds its self everywhere.  I have to keep after it to keep ahead of all the seedlings growing everywhere.  It does not seem to spread across the road into the park though. 
I managed to get a photo of one of the little European wall lizards.  They are usually too fast to catch and disappear in a flash.  Upon examination of the photo of this one, I find that the lizard is molting and so that is why it could not run away.  These little creatures are great in the garden.  I am sure they eat bugs of all kinds.  I still see lady bugs in the garden, so they are not eating them.
These photos are from July.  August has gone zipping past, with just the bare minimum of maintenance in the garden this year.  We had a good half inch of rain a few days ago.  The Autumn rains are starting, hopefully.
We had no yellow plums this year because the blooms froze.  There does not seem to be any purple plums either.  The apple tree, though, is loaded with apples.  One of the branches is leaning way over and touching the ground.  My vegetable garden was a bust, again.
On the other hand, our new photo upload /networking site is growing steadily.  Our alexa ranking will be breaking the 100,000 mark soon.  In this ranking system, the lower the number, the better the rank.  I have added Google ads to my communities, on the site.  I set up Adsense for google ads on my blog and can ad the ads to my communities on  This is my referral code.  You can use it to see the site and register. You can see the ads and the communities I have built on the site:  In the Garden, The Honest Fox, Whimsies, Flares and Echoes, Playtime, and Abstract Art.  The ads are text ads and unobstrusive.  I actually like their appearance. I set up my adsense account on August 10th.  Since then I have actually earned $50.00.  It was interesting learning how to do this, and actually user friendly and easy to do.  I have trouble not clicking on my own ads, which is a definite no-no. Of course, the ads are gardening oriented and in my own area.    I suppose I could take URLs on the ad and put them into my browser to look at the advertising sites.  That would not be clicking on my own ads!  I will need some chipped rock for my woodland path.  The delivery charges for the bit of stuff I need are expensive.  I don't have a truck to haul dirt or rocks.   I would like to compare the delivery prices on some of the ads I see.  Well, I guess I will need to use Google's search.  It works very well too.

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