Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flowers in September

This lovely mauve achillia is in bloom along the front garden strip by the street.  We have had about an inch or more of light rain over the paste two weeks and the flowers are responding very well to the moisture.  There are roses, Michaelmas daisies and  Japanese Anemones in bloom, that I have no photos for, but they are a fine addition to the Autumn garden.
The autumn crocus on a background of little perennial geranium leaves.  This particular autumn crocus grows beneath the grape by a rock retaining wall beside the steps that go up to the old sidewalk along beside the back garage.    I have these autumn crocuses in a few places around the garden.  They are a welcome spot of color in Autumn. 
These are new flowers in the front garden.  I hope they survive the winter and bloom again next year.  They are next to a helenium and a lavender plant.  The colors should look good in the Fall blooming period when they all grow and  become established.  This area holds pussy toes and other silver leaved plants with pink flowers plants, as well as a lovely veronica rock plant in blue and some dutch iris, that are in front of one of the rectangular beds in front of the hedge.  The rectangular bed holds peonies, a blue babies breath, and other self seeding plants.  This area needs more water in summer to look good.  When the leaves fall it shall get its leaf mulch for the winter.
This Arctic daisy is slowly expanding in the Sun Dial circle in the front garden.  It has burst into bloom with the recent rainfall.  Its a gorgeous low growing plant with a long blooming period.
  This is the Irish heather that is in front of the ugly water meter area.  Behind the water meter you see another heather in bloom.  These are very good plants with a long bloom period.  They can be pruned and shaped into evergreen mounds when they are not in bloom.    The water meter area is surrounded by cement blocks and now looks really awful.  I hope the blind meter maid is now happy with the mess.  The meter reader needs to be able to find the water meter.  The thing is only 2 ft x 2.5 feet long, with a stone path leading into it.  Why would that be a problem for this idiot????  And we live in the garden city, right?
This hosta is in the back garden, with the rhodoa by the deck steps. 
A lovely scaboisia.  These plants are very reliable and have evergreen foliage.  An excellent garden rockery or perennial plant. 

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Tammy said...

The meter reader should be so happy to need to "search" for the meter in your garden! I know I would. my meter reader has a plastic box in the ground and I certainly have not decorated it for her like you did yours! I think bad spiders live in the hole and I stay away from it. Cooler weather today and my rosemary is perking up because of it!