Sunday, September 05, 2010

The deer pasture

In the block across the street from us, the Colquitz River and the high density power lines create a Park area that is rather wild but belongs to B.C. Hydro and Sannich parks.    When I was returning from my walk yesterday this doe was in the area I call the deer pasture.  This is directly across the street from my house.  Finally, the deer are back. I have not seen a deer here for a long time. The black berries are almost ready and are being picked over by people.  One of the neighbors has been taking his dog here and not cleaning up after it.  He has since stopped this ill conceived practice.   We did not talk to him or mention it to Saanich Parks people.  Another neighbor may have done this, as I don't see the dog stinking up the place any longer.  Maybe that is why the deer are back!  The deer do not eat my plants, at all, so I love to see them.  My apple tree is loaded with apples and I think the deer may be getting some of them later this winter.  I take them across the street and drop them off... a few dozen a day and they disappear. 
A couple of days ago, when returning from my walk, I noticed a couple of people on bicycles with backpacks.  They were not riding, but standing still when I came out of the trees along the trail.  Next to them was a feral rabbit, the kind that are over-running the University grounds and are being 'taken to a good home on the farm' .  There are protests, of all silly things, about the rabbit population being controlled.  They are totally destroying the grounds at the University!  Now, its seems these bunny huggers have dropped off a breeder in our area.  We have the indigenous little brown bunnies.  I do NOT want to see these feral rabbits take over the habitat of the brown bunnies.  We also have Eagles in our park, so hopefully the feral rabbits will be controlled by the eagles.  They should be easy pickin'.


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Maggie said...

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