Monday, October 27, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania - May 29, 2008

Our last stop of this information filled, very busy day was at Trakai Castle. The castle is on an island in a lake. There is a bridge built to cross the lake to get to the castle. Inside there is a big open room with stairs leading up to the sleeping, dining, servants quarters, and etc. of the castle. I did not go up the stairs but waited at the bottom and visited with Mary, another from our tour group. After the tour of the castle Pat and I went back to the restaurant patio area and enjoyed a glass of beer while waiting for everyone to get organized to get back to the bus and then back to our hotel. We all go out to another rustic restaurant for dinner and finally back to the hotel to pack. We fly out at 5:00 am and so have a very early start. My cold is still lingering on. My notes say 'three more days and I can go home'. There is some good information on Trakai Castle here.

I now have 10 jars of apple sauce frozen. The jars hold 210 ml - almost a cup which is enough for the two of us for a meal. I still have as many apples to do up, yet, in the half bagfull that I brought in a week or 2 ago.

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