Monday, October 20, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania = May 28, 2008

After arriving in Vilnius, and viewing the palace we had lunch in a restuarant nearby. The next stop was the Hill of Crosses. It is a pilgrimage place (Lithaunia is primarily Catholic). Following this brief stop we continued to Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. During the drive this day, Sylvia told us some of the history of Lithuania and the Baltic Countries. The treatment these people suffered from the Russians just before the war and from the Germans (whom they thought would rescue them from the Russians) was totally appalling. And then to suffer the Russians again in occupation of their countries until 1991.

Yesterday, I thought that Shaw cable had gone down as we did not have access to the internet. When I phoned the message was that they were having heavy traffic and sorry for the inconvenience. So, when I phoned again, this morning, there was no mention of heavy traffic. I hung on the line to talk to a techie. Well, he figured out my problem right away. It seems my router was re-routing the signal back to Shaw and skipping my computer modem entirely. He said its a common occurrence.

Because I could not get on line to play, I managed to get a few photos tweaked for the continuation of our trip in May. I am slowly getting them added. I don't want to do anything else on my blog until I am finished this trip photo journal.

The day before yesterday, I managed to find my email from my web page and can now access it to see what is happening in that email and to actually use it. I only have 1000 mb of storage in that email but can upgrade, for a fee, of course. I also have a couple more email addresses available from the provider, Go.daddy, free with my domain registration and the hosting space. I spent some time looking at my long neglected home page and really should bring the Travel page up to date, if nothing else. I should use J Album to make the albums, too. I kinda like the fiddling with the photo album I have to do from Photoshop, though, I think. It is just mind numbing stuff! And if I continue doing it the same... well the page might look more uniform.. it will all be old fashioned, and should still work. Its rather redundant, though, with the this blog.

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