Monday, October 20, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania - May 28, 2008

After a long, information filled lovely day we got to our hotel in the evening light. A fine finish for this very interesting day.

Yesterday, when I thought I did not have internet access, I got a lot of gardening done. I was out for most of the afternoon and enjoyed it all totally. I pruned the holly tree and the fire thorn shrub back off the path, putting all these prickly clippings into the big green compost bin, that had just been emptied by this compost service. This is well worth the price of $20.00 a month! There was a branch broken on the apple tree, and just hanging on by a mere thread of bark. I cut the branch off and brought half a paper grocery bag of the almost ripe apples in to the house. Today, I managed to make some of them up into apple sauce, but have lots to do yet. After clipping back the holly and fire thorn, I can actually get the mower in to mow the back bit of grass. So, I got the lawn mowed and some of the prickly leaves from the holly tree sucked up and put into the compost, too. The wasp nest along Parmar's side of our house, is now inactive. We had a bit of frost a couple of nights ago, and I expect they are finished. This frost curled the leaves on the fig tree. There won't be any figs this year. I managed to get the laverta woody perennial (It actually turns into a small shrub) planted in the front. I emptied out the white plastic pot that had the white snap dragons in it and used some of this dirt to fill in around the laverta and to add some dressing to a patch of lawn in front of it. All the while I was out, the humming birds were around and many other birds, also. Andy and Tara put out bird feed and a humming bird feeder. One day, I will have to sit out there and get some hummer photos.

I got out to shoot for the grid this month. Since its in my neighborhood, that should not be too difficult. Its just finding the time to tweak the photos and load them to Flickr. I really should get out and do some of Commerce Cirlcle and maybe the school, but I probably won't. I was happy to see a bit of rain today to water in my new transplant. It is still quite dry just a few inches down.

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paolo said...

i really like the tones over those construction site. there are some wonderful warm colors.