Monday, October 27, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania - May 29, 2008

More photos from the University and the street. Vilnius is a Unesco World Heritage site. We also visited an amber shop where we learned about the origins of the different colors of Amber. Earlier in the trip we had purchased a small piece of amber with insects encased in it.

At home, we have been having some lovely sunny weather. I have been trying to get photos of humming birds recently, with limited success. I have to do much better .. I need to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the wings, and therefore need to use flash. Yesterday I walked and walked and have more photos for the Victoria Grid Project to upload to Flickr, also. Halloween is coming... I must remember Irene's birthday!
Our carpet should be in at Home Depot. We have to hound them to get an installation date. We have to see Alan again, I think, to see about the finalization of the cabinets. There is going to be a few special customized cabinets done, so this is taking some time to get it figured out and drawn up. We have to pay for all of it before they order. There is not even any holdback. They do have a good reputation with the better business bureau, thank heavens. Now, if we could get ahold of the allusive Melinda in Flooring, I might feel as though we are making some progress, there.

We went to Tino's for domades last nite. Yummm... very good dinner. But they were out of Retsino, of all things!

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