Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Russian River Cruise - Day 11 - May 22

The Danaid sculpture and fountain

A vertical of the Samson Fountain

Samson and the Lion Fountain

Grand Cascade

More photos from the Peterhof. The trees were out in fresh new green leaves. There were tulips in bloom, but not many other flowers. Along the streets of the cities and in the public parks there was slowly beginning to appear more color and flowers, after the soviet years, where it must have been drab and depressing.
A good website for photos of the fountains at the Peterhof

At home today the man from the Kitchen Design place was to see what I wanted done. He was referred to us by 2 people. I think he is going to be very very good! I will have oak cabinets, a new wardrobe, wine rack and shelves with pull out drawers along behind the cabinets that are there now. There will be a new china cabinet and storage shelves with pull out drawers along the wall between the living room and my computer room. New lighting, flooring and paint. I am thinking of having them do a 'garden window' over the sink, also. It might get a bit spendy, but hey, you can't take it with you! Dean had me copy my drawings for what I wanted. He did measurements and helped me a lot with design ideas and materials. I should call him in a few days to see what the damage might be and what the time window for getting it done might be. I am really quite excited about this new kitchen stuff!!

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