Monday, July 28, 2008

Russian River Cruise - Day 11 - May 22

Statue of Peter the Great. You will see this statue on many post cards. This is my post card -- not too bad for shooting from inside a moving bus. :-D

Looking out to the Baltic Sea

Grand Palace

After our morning tour of the Hermitage we had lunch at the Greenwich Restaurant -- chicken kiev. Very slow service and the food was not memorable. We had to rush to get on the hydrofoil to take us to the Peterhof. The Peterhof is park-like gardens and ornate little palaces with many fountains, imitating Versailles. ... more photos as soon as time permits.

Home - We have had Pacific Blinds, Leigh and Denise in on Thursday to take measurements and suggest materials. Ballpark figure for cost was between $8 and $10 k, and end of August for the verticals and longer for the draperies.

On Friday Sheila and Jim drove us to Genoa Bay for our reserved lunch. The food is delicious. We had a gorgeous day... good company, good food.

Saturday, Sunday, and today we have spent sorting things to keep. We both have bags full of papers to discard to the recycle and still have magazines saved. When I cleaned up the library books, I managed to liberate approximately 2 shelves of space, although some of the classics are up top of the shelving, in a row. I put 'grape' colored rust paint on the panel that goes over the lights in our ensuite bath -- it had been corroded. Looks ok, but I marred a spot while trying to move the wet paint closer to the eaves over hang as it was looking like rain, any minute. We are suppose to get rain tomorrow. I sure hope we do. I have not had time to get out and water in the garden. Yesterday, I did manage to get the light garden plants and trays cleaned up and moved to where I think I might have it when the new cabinets, flooring and paint is done.

It will be a while yet, before we are finished this reno. It is coming along, though. I have some lovely colored bruises all over my body.

I have watched The Matrix, Matrix Revolutions and some of the Animatrix. Perhaps I will get time tomorrow. I am reading the old book On the Beach by Nevil Shute. It is about the world after a nuclear strike, circa 1963. It is kinda boring as it does not exactly move along quickly or have much action. It is interesting as an observation of what may have happened in such a scenario 50 years ago.

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