Saturday, July 12, 2008

Russian River Cruise - Day 10 - May 21

More bad photos from our bus tour of the city. The people in costume were standing around the square inviting tourists to have their pictures taken with them. An informative link to many of the attractions.

We have been doing up post cards in our spare time.

Now... John the painter was in yesterday and I chose colors and he gave us some idea of how he would be starting work on Monday. Hourigans are to come at 8:30 Monday morning to put down a layer of stuff before the floor covering goes in the entry way and the laundry room. Today Pat got some rollers for under the washer and dryer and we installed them. He also got a number of items for the van and added them, also. I have spent most of today sorting photos for this blog of our Russian Trip.

On Friday, Arthur and Rosemary were over for lunch and we spent an enjoyable afternoon. They helped me with some of my decisions on the renovation of my kitchen and hobby room. Now, I need to find a carpenter to do the work.

Last week I spent quite a few evening hours after dinner till dark cleaning up the little garden in front of the hedge. I took a few branches off the plum tree. The magnolia tree has several large trunks that are dead. I have to get them taken out yet, too. I also did some serious pruning of the plants by Parmar's sidewalk. I have yet to weed all of the front... there are violets again! This area always looks so good when its cleaned up, so I must get back to it soon. The roses need dead heading as well as a lot of the perennnials. Thursday evening I found that the pump in the water garden had quit. I spent a bit of time getting a slug out of one of the hoses. Good thing it was not up the hose to the waterfall, or I would never got it out. Now the pump is running a bit faster and I will probably need to top up the pond more often. The water irises look terrific, if you can find them.

I have been busy!

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