Saturday, July 12, 2008

Russian River Cruise - Day 10 - May 21

From my notes: We have breakfast while the ship is stationary. We are on the Neva River, and since it is foggy we are allowed to move to our dock only at a certain speed. So, we start our bus tour an hour late. I was on deck to shoot at the bridge as we moved closer to our berth.
The bridges are mostly draw bridges and at one time they would be drawn up at mid-night and put down again in the morning. They are no longer doing this. A list of bridges.

From the Litvinov information: Bus tour - Architecture, monuments and canals await your cameras. A brillian blend of western style and Russian character. Stops will be made at the Smolny Monastery, Vasilievsky Island and St. Isaac's Square.
Note: The weather in St. Peteersburg is very changeable. Sometimes the weather forecast varies from what we have, in fact. Most of the tours involve a considerable amount of walking.

We are back on the ship for lunch. There is a shuttle to downtown and back in the afternoon. We have signed up for the optional Ballet performance "Giselle' by Adam at the Hermitage Theatre in the evening. A most enjoyable performance.

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