Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Russian River Cruise - More Day 6 - May 17

our guide at the puppet theatre

more of the puppet theatre

The marina in Yarsoslavl

Church of Epiphany

Part of the Transfiguration Monastery

Our tour group in front of part of the Transfiguration Monastery

The sun was shining and we had an excellent tour guide in Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl is a center of the arts in Russia and a lovely little city.

Today I managed to get the grass mowed and the big hedge trimmed, as well as a bit of weeding done at the front. I ran the mower over the clippings and it mulches them up very nicely. I put this on the garden.

Lidia finished painting today. The laundry room is now a mustard yellow. We need the new flooring next. $.90 a sq.ft., I bought the paint. Drywalling? don't know. She has left marks on the door and the door jamb.

Tomorrow Irene and Dan will be over to see us. I am looking forward to seeing them. Seems we have not seen them for a long time.

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