Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Russian River Cruise - Day 5 - May 16

Sun path from a glorious sunset.
A village was flooded in creating the Moscow Canal. This is the Towns bell tower
Cruising the River
Flares with my CS filter on a passing cruise ship
Professor Inna Gritsenko

On Day 5 after breakfast we had a safety drill. We were required to put on our life jackets and stand out in the hallway for inspection. These life jackets were under the bunk bed and were old and dirty.

At 10:00 we had a lecture by Professor Inna Grisenko: "The Russian Monarchy and its Tragedy. The first of the series of four. She is really a very good speaker and is very informative.

We sailed through the 80 mile Moscow Canal to Uglich. There was a walking tour of Uglich. Uglich is one of Russia's Golden Ring Cities. It has historical significance going back to the founding in 973. Pat went on the tour, and I stayed in, so no photos.

Our ship passes through 18 locks from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Having seen locks on our Danube River cruise in 2005, I did not feel that I had to be on deck to see too many of these locks. They take 20 minutes and actually are interesting to watch.

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