Sunday, June 08, 2008

Russian River Cruise - Day 2 - May 13

Near the Kremlin Palace. Unfortunately I cannot find a photo of it in my book
tsar cannon
Cathedral of the Annunciation
kremlin flare
kremlin bell towers

The second day of our tour was a cold with scattered showers day. We waited a long time outside of the Kremlin before they finally let us in. Once in the armoury and museum were rather spectacular. No photos in there.

Next on the agenda was a look at the Metro. This, in my opinion, was a disaster or a very bad joke. Our troop of tourists - in the 50 to 85 year bracket hopped on and off the metro several times while stopping in different halls for talks about the surroundings. Low light, and pictures were a impossible. There was regular traffic on the metro so this was less than optimum time to be there. I think they really should have made this one an option. The metro truly is spectacular though.

We had an 85 yr. old lady, who was traveling with her daughter, with us. She was shepherded around and looked after by this daughter and the other Jewish Princesses. Of course, their needs were the primary concern to all of us, as far as they knew.

We had lunch in a restaurant. By this time my cold was evident and I could not eat anything.

Finally back to the ship and I fell immediately into bed. I slept for must have been 18 hours. My nightshirt was soaking wet from my fever when I woke. So, perhaps some of my jaded view of Moscow is due to the weather and my virus.

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