Sunday, January 06, 2008

North Island trip of 2002

I finally finished my North Vancouver Island album and loaded it to my web page. More to be seen here=

I was having fits when I couldn't get my WS_FTP thing to work... first time I tried to use it since Trevor reloaded my PC. Finally got it. Here are a few of the photos from the album. I was using my old Canon Powershot A50.. not bad for the little point and shoot. I did not know much about file size then, either. I didn't know it shot in RAW or even what RAW was.

This little girl at the campsite at Port McNeil was making her cat smile for the camera. Too cute.

Flares that I might want to add to my Flickr account.

We watched them unload this logging machine from a truck and start it working in the bush. This thing would do clear cut logging.

More flares... from the campsite at Port McNeil.

Some rust, from Kelsey Bay, I believe.
A retired logging truck seen at Winter Harbor. We must go back there, although its probably all changed by now, with all the new development happening up island.
The board walk at Winter Harbor.

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