Monday, November 12, 2007

Victoria Grid Project N24 November 2007

On Friday afternoon Pat and I went to the vantreight Park area. He waited for me in the van while I went to shoot for the Victoria Grid Project in this Gordon Head area. It was a lovely sunny day. I had my polarizer filter on when I was trying to shoot the seascapes. These photos don't have the polarizer. The sky is washed out and white looking. It shouldn't be as I thought the light was better than that.

Later Friday the Jim, Grace and Laura arrived after a few adventures and being up for nearly 24 hours in getting here from Scotland via Amsterdam. They are all fine and looking good.

On Saturday I went out and cleaned the leaves out of the waterfall, as half the water was gone out of the pond from flowing out of the side of the waterfall. I also got the Japanese garden area cleaned up. Hopefully the moss will be able to grow now. I have to keep after those wretched violets to keep them confined to their area and out of the moss. They are soooooooo invasive. Who ever coined the phrase shrinking violets knew nothing about these viotlets.

Yesterday (Sunday) I made up an apple pie from the golden delicious apples on our backyard tree. There are quite a few apples on the tree yet. I am making applesauce to freeze too.

This morning our power was off for about 2 hours. We have had high winds and rain overnite and early this morning. The pond is starting to fill up with water again.

Steve C. showed me the website he made years ago for the small city he lives in. It is a very interesting page and I learned a lot about Bahau, Malaysia. Was a pleasant way to spend some time. I have yet to read the rest of Ken A.'s short stories, and to must read more in Bill B.'s Graffiti documentation. I hope to find time to get into his book, also. It really is very interesting.

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