Thursday, November 08, 2007

Beetle Blacklight Ballet

I found this lady bug in my house. I have had these beetles on my house plants for a few years now. Once in a while one will excape to the dining room table or somewhere I notice it. When I found this one I tried to do a few macro shots without very much success. Well, if you consider the size of the bug to the pen point, I guess I was having more success than I thought. I just want MORE macro which is just not possible with my Canon S3 IS, as it is not DSLR and I cannot add any macro lens or extenders... I think... I should look into that, as I can add a Canon macro 500D and others use a Raynex or some such name.

Anyway, after shooting a few of the lady bug, I got out my blacklight and fired it up. Cyrus said in one of the photo discussions that he used blacklight, overhead light and ambient light, and a ordinary lamp for lighting on one of his gorgeous dragon shots. So, here are my blacklight with just ambient light. I am calling it the Beetle Blacklight Ballet. The first photo is the Auditon..2. Signing the Contract... 3. Rehearsal... 4. Stage fright... 5. Preformance... 6. Encore

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