Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gardening and stuff

I have finished loading photos to the Victoria Grid Project on Flickr, for this month. Its a very scenic grid, but rather remote. Not very many people have posted yet. Hopefully there will be more.

I got the lawn mowed today. Most of the leaves that had fallen were sucked up by the mower. I left this on the vegetable garden as a winter mulch. I really should get over to Cannor and get about 8 new little trees and some tulip bulbs. I must get started on trimming back any trees and shrubs that I don't want. It froze last night, so pruning now should not really affect the trees untill the new growth in the spring. For all the attention I pay to the garden, now, it is really looking pretty good. I love lillies, but it is all clay. I may fill a couple more big pots and put lillies in them, surrounded by trees and the taller perennials in the front they could fill in some good color and interest for the summer.

Ken F. is doing an article for the Vintage Car Magazine and asked to use some of my photos. Yeaaaaa, I get more bragging rights.

We are thinking of getting a newer, wide body camper van. Pat is dealing with Pedens on a trade in on our old one. Or, if they cannot come to terms on it, we keep the old one. Its still in good shape and clean. Just has rather high mileage and is a 1995. Still has some features we like that the new ones don't have. We will see.

Yesterday we were to the Dunlop House for a scrumptious lunch with Jim and Sheila. Was good to see them. Pat has been over to show people Jim's collection but I did not go as its more a 'guy' thing, I think. We spoke of going up to the Chalet to meet the guys on their way back from Red Deer. We missed last year. But I did get some gardening done and enjoyed the time to myself.

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