Thursday, November 29, 2007


While shooting through my living room window at the glorious autumn color on my liquid amber tree I caught this unusual reflection. I believe it is reflecting the railing of the stairs. I have no idea why it went the golden color, but as I looked out at the tree I could see these four golden columns, so I snapped them of course.

The frost photo is in macro mode of the deck railing. Ken Anderson told me how to get sharper photos with my Canon S3 IS by setting the 'my colors' to a custom setting with sharpness and contrast pumped up. I think it works much better now. Thanks so much for the help, Ken.

We have had cooler weather with ice on the bird bath, the water table and the water features. My pond is beginning to fill again from the rains. I raked leaves the other day but, of course, the grass path is covered with the lovely colored leaves again.

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