Saturday, September 01, 2007

Steeples, Shawnigan Lake

Yesterday we were to Steeples at Shawnigan Lake to help Audree celebrate her birthday. We went way too early because we thought we might need the time in case we got caught going up island in the long week end traffic. Once past our Helmken/Wilkinson bumper to bumper traffic we were okay. So we had time to drive around the Lake and still more time to wait. The dinner was okay, but highly over priced. We were squished into a corner with no view, no table cloth, pathetic background music, and noisy atmosphere. The food was okay, not great.

Audree is doing fine after her hip operation. Gerry managed to get off her back and join us. Peter did the honors for the dinner. They brought along their new dog, so it seemed to need immediate attention after dinner.

I was trying to capture a flare off the Steeples roof spire (old church converted to restuarant) but could not get one. These are the roses from the neat little front garden and a sparrow that I asked not to look into the camera. I have the red-eye prevention on, but he has red-eye anyway, the bird brain.

I have my new group at Flicker made. Its called Whimsies, Flares and Echoes Please stop by for a look if you have a Flickr account and add any of your photos to the pool that might fit into the description of the group.

We have the Bentley in storage as the new Model T Torpedo needs the space in the garage to be worked on until it goes to the restore shop.

Its getting dark before 8:00 now. Guess we are going into Autumn. We have had bits of rain recently. Its been nice. Not too hot. Our forest fires are not so numerous this year either.

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