Thursday, September 06, 2007


I was trying to do some petal art for the new group I belong to. Not great stuff, but I am going to load it to Flickr and the group, anyway.

The Victoria Grid people are meeting the Channel A guy for an interview tonite. We are going to the United Way thingy, so I miss out on that. Oh well. Just as well.

We have the trailer and tomorrow leave for the Island Challenge at Campbell River. This is going to ba a really fun run, again. I really like the Campbell River people, and they do some very nice meets.

Cyrus will have on line this week end too. He already has me signed in and I loaded two photos. That is going to be one fantastic place. His Flickr groups really rock, so I can imagine what this is going to be like. On MIMS we had a informative and very fun thread on making two of my photos into one with layer masks. My learning curve is entirely tired and going to rest for the week end. I gotta learn more of that stuff. It is fun when you know how to make it work.

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