Monday, September 10, 2007

Cooper's Hawk, immature, banded

At dinner time this evening this hawk was sitting on the fat cable line that runs across the road from our house. I have zoomed my Canon S3 IS as far as possible with the digital zoom on. The photos are pretty blurry and noisy, but this is the best I can do with that camera and lens and some tweaking in Photoshop. I see it is a banded bird and must try to find out what that band means.

I have located a place to report the siting of this banded bird. It's an immature Cooper's Hawk and seems to have only one leg... the one with the band on it. I am not sure of the color of the band. It was probably black with the sun glinting off it to make it appear white in some of my snap shots.


dave said...

You did a great job capturing this image considering your constraints. Did you ever get information about this bird like, where it was located when banded? Having 1 leg without the other dangling would seem to be a rescue and release that was a success.

Intern said...

Amazing shots maggie,
Both the shots are superb!

Maggie said...

Considering my constraints. uh huh..

If you see the post immediately following this one: Here:
you will see where to report any banded birds you may find.
Thanks for the comment.

Thank you Intern.


Carol said...

Are you sure it had only one leg? I believe the bird has two legs. Many birds rest on one leg, while some may pull up their legs into their feathers, especially in cold weather. It is normal! Noce picture. He had a visitor like yours in our backyard also!
This one was also pulling one leg up, but if you see the other pictures it has both legs.

Maggie said...

Hi Carol

Thanks for the visit.

Yes, it has two legs. I have photos of the bands on both legs that I forwarded to the banding project.