Saturday, December 09, 2006

Under Construction pages for my web page

This is for the Antique autos album (under construction) of my web page.

I have finished the "Travel" under construction pages.
I will have guests for the next few days, so probably won't get anything loaded to my blog, or anything done on my web site. It will be fun to see our friends. I have prepared a few things ahead of time -- lasgne, cabbage rolls, shortbread, rum balls, christmas pudding, so that I can just warm things up and serve without the time spent to prepare, when we have been out site seeing, visiting, etc. I am looking forward to seeing them.

My husband's 1915 Model T Ford Speedster loaded to the Model Ts album, under Travel, of my web page.

John Lennon Rolls in the Museum when Linda McCarthy's photography was on display. This car, otherwise resides in the care of a local auto restoration shop. It belongs to the Museum, now. This was loaded to my under construction page for the RROC and BDC Travel page.


MontereyJohn said...

Love the Rolls!

Marek said...

i love these old cars. nice captures :)