Sunday, December 03, 2006

More under construction pages for my "travel" web page

Silver Star is a ski resort. Pat and Jim stop at Jim and Sheila's skihaus here on their way to the Red Deer Swap meet annually. Sheila sometimes drives us up to meet them at Silver Star on their way home. Its the end of ski season, at the beginning of May, though.

One of the murals of Chemainus. This town is on the way to Thetis Island. It is also a tourist destination since the Mill closed and the townspeople painted the murals, started funky cafes, bistros, art galleries, a dinner theatre, antique shops and many other interesting happenings.

This is clam bay just out the picture windows from our Friends' home on Thetis Island. A lovely spot to visit and true good friends to see.

About 10 days driving on logging roads and seeing some spectacular scenery in the North Vancouver Island. This is our old camper van at a lunch stop. We visited friends on the way up and back. Good trip!

This was a short, lovely trip on the Malibu Princess up the Sound to Chatterbox Falls. Travelling in our old camper van on the BC ferries to get there.


msdedi said...

these are lovely photos and very interesting post with them. Thank you for commenting on my site which led me to visit yours!

MontereyJohn said...

One of these days I have got to get up your way. Your narative makes it sound all the more interesting. I know the Island is lovely and a must see.

Some of your imahges in the previous post are just outstanding! They deserve a better venue than Blogger.

BTW, thanks for the encouraging words on the book.

Tina T-P said...

What great photos - that is a beautiful mural. I loved the b&w farm picture in your post from the 30th - it reminded me a lot of my "growin'-up" home in East. Washington.

Scotland is one place that we'd love to go - we never miss our local Highland games (at Ferndale's Hovender Park - it is one of the best in the area - we get all of the world class bands to come play!) and the Grand Canyon is on our short list of places to go before we retire and can no longer afford to go anywhere...

Hope your snow is gone - our's melted alot today with the warmer (upper 40's) weather & the rain. Yahoo - I can drive my own car again. :-) T.

Maggie said...

Hi John,
Thanks for the visit to my blog, especially when you are so busy with book. These snapshots of mine will eventually be in albums on my very amateur webpage. If I ever get that web page up to date, I hope to make cards and maybe calendars with a new page (new pixel post blog maybe, too) Or by the time I get around to doing that Word Press might be what to use for my page and blog. It will be some time before I get there, though.

Hi there Tina!

I thought I saw a photo or two of the Highland games on your blog. I must get back for a longer look! I loved your blog, it is so homey and welcoming.
We still have a bit of snow, but it should be gone today. Once the snow is gone I can get out and cut off the broken branches of the damaged trees and get the pump in the pond working again.
Lots to do, as our friends are going to be over to visit next week. I am busy with Christmas food preparation, cards, decorating, etc. Everyone else is too, no doubt.