Friday, December 15, 2006

Saltspring Island

On Dec.13 we took our friends to Saltspring Island. After breakfast at home we dashed for the ferry arriving in plenty of time, of course. We had a good day for driving from one end of the island to the other. Lunch at the hotel was scrumptious. Later on, after some shopping and more sight seeing we had hot chocolate at the cafe at Vesuvius (ferry terminal that goes over to Crofton) There was big storm clouds moving in as I took this photo from the deck of the cafe. I could not quite capture of moody, foreboding light of the sky. After our lovely day on Saltspring we caught the ferry back and had dinner at Fonbo's.
The next day we shopped at Capital Iron, went to the Imax theatre, had lunch at the Swiss Chalet (scrumptious chicken soup), then home. Irene and I make an apple pie and I prepared the cabbage rolls and salad for supper. Jim brings over Pat's copy of the second book of his series. Was a good day but very nasty and rainy weather, with high winds over night. We lose our hydro power for about 3 hours. Very fortunate compared to all the other reports of damage to homes and vehicles from the wind. In the morning Dan and Irene pack and we take them down to catch the Co-ho ferry home.

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