Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time Exposures and Star Trails

This was taken with my Canon Elan 7e with Fujichrome Velvia 50. I had set up my camera on my back deck for aproximately 8 hours. There is too much light from the neighbours windows. The foreground needs more interest. I am not sure how to get a tighter circle of the trails. I was using my 28 - 135 lens, zoomed a bit, I think. I should probably use the 50mm lens.

This was taken with my Canon Elan 7e, set to shoot the tail lights of cars going up the winding street. The street lights are just a bit too bright, or, perhaps I should be shooting when it gets totally dark out. This was taken just after sundown and there was still some light in the sky. Its a bad scan on my old flatbed scanner.

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ryangwillim said...

I love long exposure shots at dusk. So much more difficult then night shots. This one turned out quite well. It looks like plain day, but the streetlights tell another story. Well done, and with film...xtra kudos!