Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Under Construction pages for the Travel page on my website

This album is going to be grab shots of Vancouver when we are passing through or visiting friends. None of these trips have ever been photography oriented. Some day, though, I hope to do a couple or three days photo shoot over there.

Last week end we went to the British Motorcycle club's Christmas Party with Tom and Diane. Tom drove us through the Park after the dinner/dance. IN THE SNOW. This guy races antique motorcycles, so you can imagine the exciting ride we had. Was fun!

I have made the lasgne for this coming week-end when Dan and Irene come up for our annual celebration. There will be more baking to do. This is fun, too.

This photo is from our trip up the Nootka Sound on the working boat the Uchuck II in September of 1999. Pete and Audree came with us. This was taken with my old Olympus point and shoot camera. So, I have only a few photos to scan in for this album.

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