Saturday, September 24, 2005


Pat got the sheep for Irene and we are sending them these photos (one a day) about their sheep that sleeps around. I tried to load the one of the sheep under the bridge at Corpus Christi which I think is pertinent to the time of the storms. I expect that bridge is still standing as Corpus Christi and Padre Island is not in the news. At any rate, this is the sheep sleeping in the back of Brian's fishing boat on Great Slave Lake, NWT. That sheep sleeps with its eyes open. Did you notice.

I watched CNN storm broadcasts from Beaumont and another city that were close to the eye of the storm. I watched until the storm made landfall. Have not looked at CNN yet today. But the rain is probably pouring down and that whole 'bayou' area is forecasted to get flooded. New Orleans levees were swamped again.

There we are, the bridge photo loaded this time. The bridge one did not actually get sent, as we had a week's worth with the last of the series the sheep wrangler.

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